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Products > Multi Blade Block Cutting Machine – Hydraulic Bridge Type

Stone Polishing & Cutting Machinery by - KAMHAN

Drawing of installment position (enlarge per click) HSGJ-1600-D12

Blade match way

1: Same small+same big blades: High cutted production ,mainly for cutting 600mm height common slabs.

2: Biggest to smallest blades: High cutted quality, mainly for cutting the 900mm height high-value slabs.

2: “Hydraulic locking device” which using on the end frame of crossbeam, can further improve the stability of cutting, and markedly improve flatness of cutting and the using-life of blade tools. Patented Looking Device is used to reduce the spacing of parts of machine from friction, this will maximum increase the cutting precision.

3: Linear guide path imported from Taiwan is used on the transverse moving structure(HIWIN 上銀科技), this will ensure the high stability of cutting, endure it is service time, easy to replace.

4: A guiding polymer materials (Teflon, Brand Dupont) was used on the contact surface between up/down column and seat . Such guiding material is rolling into a circular storage pits, in less oil or oil under the conditions of space off to work with a low coefficient of friction, wear resistance and long service life, etc..

5: Up/Down oil cylinder using the combined oil seal , imported from German , imported German, composited with a flexible seal ring, two retaining rings and two block-oriented ring which is a five-pieces set of piston seals and with much several times of service life compared with other common sealing.

6: Cutting mode, quantity and thickness of slab, feeding depth can be view and set thru PLC computer control system(Both imported and homemade high-precision electrical components are used)

7: A new composite materials called "nano-nylon" cloth which with the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, anti-rally of anti-wear , was used; and the use of detachable zipper will enable a easy replacement of it.

8: Up/Down Column movements are lubricated by grease (Butter) which only need to be added up to only once every three months. It will significantly reduce maintenance frequency.

9: Sliding ways of up/down system are quantity proceed by completely new grinding machine, for the purse of high precision and quality.

10: Use CNC boring lathe to process the hole of sliding way column and headstock, to ensure the concentric and stability.

11: Oil Tank Assembly: including Oil Pump, Electromagnetic Valve and other components adopted are imported from Taiwan.

Made up of 3mm steel-plate, painted with asphaltum for anti-rust.

Oil Tank Assembly: including Oil Pump, Electromagnetic Valve and other components adopted are imported from Taiwan.

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