Stuck On Line LD-687MA

Stuck On Line LD-687MA

9-Pincer Computerized Toe Lasting Machine (With Hot Melt)

LD-687MA The machine with the automatic toe lasting. The plastic plate can choose the 2-step adjusted to match the shape of shoes and also can be quickly changed for different sizes of shoes and also can change automaticly between left and right shoe. The vamp highly attached after lasting. Save labor cost and environmental protection.
With the design of specially tracked wipers, the all-around multipoint "TEFLON" press fitting ensures the upper to be evenly attached to the last After lasting, no protrusion will occur.-The electric system is controlled by PLC and supported with the touch screen and diagrammatic operation system. There have 120 groups (A.B.C.D.E.F) of memory saving and deletion function.The machine also has self-examination function.

The design of free calibrating of toe head pressing stroke supplies the most stable pressing force.

Each set of pincers can be individually adjusted to their corresponding positions and function with automatic balancing. The operator can manually pull down or re-clamp any set of pincers.

It has the pincers rapid installing and releasing structure. The fifth pincer, which adopts the new rotating technology structure, makes the upper more attached to the last.

The last support plate has the 2-step uprising selection. It can avoid the incident of over pulling breaking the uppers.

Pincer-plate's shoe size adjusting uses synchronous moving horizontal and independently with two steps changing at one side. Faster and accurately.
Capacity1200 Pairs/8h
Power2.2 kw
Hydraulic pressure5 MPa
Heating power1.2 kw

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