PU Rain Boots Injection Machine

PU Rain Boots Injection Machine

PU Application and characteristics of PU boots

Agriculture and construction
Food industry
Safety boots with protective cover and steel midsole 
Extremely comfortable.
Portability and anti-skid
Soft and heat-insulated in low temperature environment
Fully compliant with the standard of safety boots and work boots

    Applicable to production of multi-color and single-density or multi-color and double-density PU rain boot

    Optimally designed toggle-type mould opening and closing mechanism enables mould clamping force to greater and mould opening and closing to be more stable.

    Rain boot with special demands including anti-impact, anti-puncture and electrostatic prevention etc. and can be produced.

    With good exhaust structure, the production of rain boots has higher output and quality.

    Metering pump with high wear resistance and high precision is allocated with advanced automatic control to enable measurement to be accurate and reliable.

    High-speed and low-noise mixing unit has guaranteed optimum mixing result and enabled rain boot to be lighter and more pliable and tougher.

    Excellent thermal insulation and pressure-resistant material storage tank have greatly guaranteed stability for PU circulation system.

    Multi-color independent color matching unit not only makes the sole color more uniform, but also can produce multi-color soles at the same time.

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