PU/PU Intelligent Turntable-type Injection Shoe Machine

PU/PU Intelligent Turntable-type Injection Shoe Machine

Robots are used for roughing surface, spraying mold release agent.

  • Applicable to the injection for multi-color and single-density or multi-color and double-density PU sole.
  • Metering pump with high wear resistance and high precision is allocated with advanced automatic control to enable measurement to be accurate and reliable.
  • The mixing unit with high speed and low noise ensures the best mixing effect.
  • Adopting the most advanced valve opening structure in the world to make the production more stable and reliable.
  • Slice gap type filter, PID temperature control, excellent thermal insulation and pressure-resistant material storage tanks strongly guarantee the stability of PU circulation system.
  • Multi-color independent color matching unit not only makes the sole color more uniform, but also can produce multi-color soles at the same time.

Model of machine




Mould frame size

200*400mm 200*430mm

Mould clamping force


Constituent of raw material


Allocation of color paste


Feeding quantity


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