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Products >Footwear Machinery - Rubber Sole Press Machine

Model No QXRB-6S-150T
Cylinder Pressure 150T
Plate Size 400X500mm
Distance 180mm
Layer 2
Heating Steam/Electric
Motor 20 HP

1. The unique structural design of the fuselage, not broken, not deformation, prolong the service life of the machine
2. Using PC and PLC controller, can operate independently, without mutual interference of containment.
3. The number of bleeding, bleeding time can be set free, the operation are very convienent adjustment.
4. Pressure relief, deflation, falling action, all can be adjusted independently.
5. Oil pressure control using logic circuit, less analysis of piping, pipe is also less, not easy to leakage, pressure keep constant.
6. Emergency lowering switch, can the emergency stop and drop to moulds and finished products protection personnel.