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Company Origin and Incorporation

Although, Kam Han Industrial Ltd. Was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1989, but it commenced the said business 35 years ago. The company was established with the profile of general trading, but due to the progressive success accomplished, the company had today established itself as a leader in the diverse categories of products and value added services. The most recent achievements in the last few years are in the domain of Footwear Manufacturing and Machinery, Turnkey solutions for Footwear industry and Umbrella components.

The Roadmap

Being a proven leader in the arena of Footwear Machinery; Kam Han Industrial Ltd. had developed and established its recognized Agent base in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. This is to offer value added support and post sales services to dealers in the region. In the near future, we are aggressively developing Middle East, Africa and South America. Prospective Business Partners are welcome to post their contact details along with Trade Enquiries which will be kept in strict confidence. We look forward to hear from you.


Kam Han Industrial Ltd. Offers anything and everything that is needed by a prudent business house irrespective of the diverse business models. Some of our core strengths include
• Robust source base:
• Strategic alliances with Chinese and regional manufacturers
• Experienced and technological sound inspection team
• Capacity to offer Agent business for overseas buyers
• Strong financial and banking support
• Returning better value for your trust and investments
• Strong Quality Control and Assurance Policies
• Your trustworthy Gateway to China
Kam Han Industrial Ltd. can unquestionably elevate your competitive advantage, thus leading to you to the road for success.

About Us

As veterans in its products and turnkey solutions, Kam Han Industrial Ltd. is involved in every stage of order commencing from client enquiry till to the delivery of goods and services for the entire life cycle; thus offering support across the entire spectrum of transaction. Our extensive skills encompass all aspects of business transaction, including understanding our customer’s needs, sourcing / developing products and services that specifically meet our customer’s requirements, liaising with manufacturers / developers to guarantee that products are developed as per our customer’s orders, and overseeing inspection and shipping functions to implement quality control that fit time and economic constraints.
With headquarters in Hong Kong, Asia’s world city, Kam Han Industrial Ltd. serves both the Asian and global markets and brings a fresh and innovative approach to products sourcing services, acting as a strategic liaison between its customers and the manufacturers. Our goal is to exceed the expectations of every client by offering outstanding customer service, increased flexibility, and greater value for our customers, thus retaining customers for ever so that we, at Kam Han can focus in furnishing optimized products and services that specifically meets our customers’ requirements and understanding and improving operational efficiency of our customers. Our team members are distinguished by their functional expertise combined with their knowledge in the relevant arena, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and up-to-date products and professional services. Our products portfolio can be seen under products Link.
Unlike other business houses, at Kam Han Industrial Ltd., we possess complete knowledge and experience in all the relevant sectors. Our team members are well versed in all aspects of business transaction, from understanding our customer’s needs to arranging, inspecting & shipping functions. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and experience backed up by our proven track record for effectively administering multiple projects/ orders. This is due to effectively directing team members in the sourcing / development of products / services to ensure that all orders requirements are met within target price restraints and time schedules without compromising on quality aspect. In addition, our experience with large business houses across the globe, having been responsible for the